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KT-630 series

KT-630 series

■ (kt-630) 6-channel independent signal input■ (kt-860) 8-channel independent signal input■ (KT-1260)Independent si

■ (kt-630) 6-channel independent signal input
■ (kt-860) 8-channel independent signal input
■ (KT-1260) Independent signal input of 12 channels
1 group of main channel output, 1 group of auxiliary channel output and return interface
Independent Recording Output and Listening Port
Low noise, high precision microphone preamplifier, perfect sound quality
Two marshalling buses (with main channel selective output)
The audio effector is composed of 256 kinds of DSP effects. It has a realistic sound field and is displayed by a high brightness blue digital tube.
Stereo graphic equalizer with 7 segments
Balanced Microphone XLR Input and Balanced Line TRS Input, 3-Section Channel Equilibrium
60 mm push, feel lubricated and durable
Independent PFL switch can monitor channel input, recording input signal, reverberation and main reverberation.
Headphone monitor interface
MP3 Playback Module (USB Interface with Display Function)
Precise Logarithmic Double 10-Bit LED Level Display

■ Inputs Sensitivity    MIC:60dB  LINE:20dB  Eff Ret :-20dB Tape In :-20dB 
■ EFFECTS:ECHO 12ms-200ms 
■ Output Voltage:4V Max 
■ S/N Ratio:>85dB
■ Less Than (THD):0.03%(1KHz Full Power) 
■ Frequency Response:20Hz~20KHz±3dB 
■ Headphone Output:7V 220Ω 
■ Parametric EQ    Hi:±15dB/10KHz Mid:±15dB/250Hz  Low:±15dB/80Hz 
■ Power amplifier:4Ω  550W*2

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