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TB4 large square: for diameter 30-40MM microphone (wired microphone, wireless microphone, gun-shot interviews microphone)

■  Interview microphone logo-Designed for radio, 
    television, Internet and other media. 
■  Interview microphone logo:Radio, television, 
    Internet and other media identify each other's 
■  Can be adapted to interview 
    microphone,sticker can be printed by yourself, 
    or by advertising company. It is a good thing 
    for advertising.to improve their image.
■  The new ABS environmental protection 
    materials, plastic thickness 3MM (durable), 
    easy to paste.
■  Built-in elastic sponge or elastic silicone pad 
    (environmental protection materials), 
    effectively fixed on the microphone not easy 
    to fall, and from the anti-vibration generated 
■  A variety of shape and color options for a 
    variety of specifications microphone.
■  Specifications and precautions

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