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Features:DSP-99 design for profession Karaoke,has 99 kinds digital reverberation Music,reverberation,microphone independe

DSP-99 design for profession Karaoke,has 99 kinds digital reverberation.
Music,reverberation,microphone independence volume can adjust to
built-in super bass output,crossover frequency can be adjustable,
microphone high,intermediate, and low frequency can be adjustable
separate,make the performance more professional,relaxed,freely.As for it
effect well,easy settable,high cost performance,it enjoy great market at
Karaoke,simple sing and song hall,conference hall and multifunction

Technical Parameters:
◆Frequency response:Microphone/music:20Hz~15KHz(+3dB)
◆Music control range:11STEPS.+21/2TONE
◆High pitch:+10dB(10KHz)
◆High pitch:+10dB(10KHz)
◆Effect resound range:Maximum0~196MS
◆Ultralow frequence:50Hz~250Hz

◆With 99 high quality stereo reverb,sound effect:"Delay+Reverberation"
and "Modulation+Reverberation"
◆With 44.1KHz sampling rate,16 status A/D and D/A concerter
◆With HQ and wide frequency response
◆Can set the volume and compile sound parameters
◆With MIDI IN connected
◆With dual channel output and input port

Technical Parameters:
◆Electrical characteristic
◆Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz
◆Dynamic range:80dB(Typical)
◆Distortion:less than0.1%
(1KHz,Maximum electrical level)
◆Procedure No:99
◆Power supply:DC12~15V
◆DA convert
◆AD convert:16t~/DA16status/DA convert:16status/Sampling frequency:441KHz
◆Channel number:2(phone socket)
◆Nominal electrical level:-10dB
◆Channel number:2(phone socket)
◆76 Ii Nominal electrical level:-10dB