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Features:◆ Stereo Feedback Elimination 2x12 group fast tracking notch filter◆ Dual 28-band graphic equalizer◆ Cla

◆ Stereo Feedback Elimination 2x12 group fast tracking notch filter
◆ Dual 28-band graphic equalizer
◆ Classic dBx compressor
◆ 120A sub-harmonic synthesizer
◆  2 x 3,2x4,2 x 5,2x6  Divide  portfolio selection
◆ Stereo Multi-band parametric equalizer
     Stereo output limiter
◆ Speaker delay trimming
◆ Pink Noise Generator
◆ Auto-EQ automatic room equalization compensation
◆ Set JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers Setup Wizard (Set navigation elf) function
◆ 25 factory presets/25 program memory user settings
◆ 2 inputs, 6 0utputs
◆ RTA-M real-time spectrum analyzer is located in the panel microphone inputs with
phantom power
◆ 24-Bit A/D converter provides a dynamic range of greater than 110dB
◆ DBx patents Type IVTMA/D converter circuit
◆ LCD display icons

Technical Parameters:
◆ Analog Input: Inputs: 1 XLR RTA microphone input; 1 XLR balanced line inputs
◆ Type: Electronically balanced / RF filtering, XLR female
◆ Impedance:> 40kQ
◆ Maximum input level: +20 dBu
◆ CMRR:> 45dB
◆ RTA microphone phantom power: +15 VDC
◆ RTA Microphone Equivalent Input Noise:<-110dBu, 22Hz,-22kHz, 150C)
◆ Analog output:
◆ Outputs: 6 balanced XLR Line Output
◆ Type: Electronically balanced / RF filtering, XLR Male
◆ Impedance: 120Q
◆ Maximum output level: +20 dBu
◆ A/D characteristics:
◆ Type: dBx Type IV conversion
◆ Dynamic range: 110dB A-weighting, 107dB non-weighting
◆ Type iv dynamic range: 123dB with transient signal, A-weighting,22kHz BW 121dB, with transient signal, non-weighting, 2kHz BW 115dB,with the program signal, A-weighting, 22kHz BW
◆ Sampling frequency: 48kHz
◆ A/D characteristics:
◆ Dynamic range: 112dB A-weighting, 110dB non-weighting
◆ System features:
◆ Dynamic range:> 110dB non-weighting,> 107dB A-weighting
◆ THD + Noise: 0.002%, +4 dBu, 1kHz, OdB input gain
◆ Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, + 0.5dB
◆ Channel Crosstalk:<-110dB, 120dB general
◆ Input to Output Crosstalk:<-110dB