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EX-3000 266XL SM-2600

EX-3000 266XL SM-2600

EX-3000 ◆Stereo high stereo,low-frequency independent voices incentive to increase the clarity of sound level◆Cut

◆Stereo high stereo,low-frequency independent voices incentive to  increase the clarity of sound level
◆Cut off the low-frequency signal, which is useless and wasting-  amplifier-power, to reducing the system load.
◆Center Frequency of high-frequency Exciter Available (from lK~8KHz)
◆Independent high and low gain design
◆Balanced input/output
◆S/N  Ratio(A计权A-weighting):> 93dB
◆Frequency Response:20KHz(+/-0.3dB),through state under
◆Maximum clarity upgrade:+13dB
◆ Maximum frequency compensation:+13dBu
◆Input impedance:Balanced 20K/ Unbalanced lOK
◆Output Impedance:Balanced300/Unbalanced 150

◆Input:RF Filtered Servo-Balanced Input
◆Inputimpendence:50KQ Balanced,25 KΩ Unbalanced
◆Input electrical level range:+4dBu/-lOdBu Switchable
◆Maximum input electrical level range:+21dBu Balanced  and Unbalanced
◆Output impendence:60Q Balanced,30Ω Unbalanced
◆Maximum output electrical level range:+21dBu Balanced  and Unbalanced
◆Frequency response:0.35Hz~200KHz,+0/-3dB
◆THD:0.04% typically@ +4dBu,lKhz,Gainl
◆Noise gate:variable(off~lOdBu)
◆Compression threshold:variable(-40~+20dBu)
◆Compression ratio:variable(1:1~00:1)
◆Start time:<1ms/lOOdB
◆Release time:100ms/lOOdB
◆Automatic startup time:Tylp.15ms/10dB, 5ms/20dB,  3ms/30dB
◆Automatic release time:Program Dependent,Typ.125dB/Sec

The machine is digital anti-whistle system equipment, widely used for
meeting, speech, teaching, stage-specific, can effectively inhibit the
whistle, extended volume to ensure that the voice transmission quality,
high fidelity, clear sound. Even poor occasions in the environment, but
also can greatly limit back to Xiao suppression, can effectively prevent
burn audio equipment and speaker. The machine is equipped with a
the six phantom powered microphone balance inputi otherwise the
system is connected to port, dual-channel input and output interfaces.
According to the needs, it can be extended in series for a large
conference system.
◆Power supply:AC220V/50Hz
◆Microphone balanced input
◆Line dual channel/balanced input
◆Line dual channel/balanced output
◆high and bass switch
◆48V switch
◆frequency shift switch
◆frequency shift:1Hz~8Hz
◆Input impedance:>5K ohms
◆microphone gain boost amount:6~10dB
◆Frequency Response: Non-frequency shift:20Hz~20KHz
  Frequency shift state:150Hz~15KHz